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Firstly it is necessary to decide whether claiming on your car insurance is appropriate or the right thing to do.

For all non fault accident and fault accidents in the UK, we are here to help all parties involved. We will manage the full claim from start to finish.

If third-party has been involved and you are either to blame, or partly to blame then this choice is taken out of your hands. If however it is just your vehicle and a stationary object or the countryside scenery involved then will be happy to inspect your car and give you a clear idea of the costs involved. You may then decide – particularly if you are the younger driver – that you're better off absorbing the cost of repairs.

Finding a vehicle repairer that you can trust is not exactly like a beauty parade, however beauty is definitely more than skin deep in the car repair business. We are always happy when people do their research and decide that they can trust DJ Auto Body repairs Manchester

You can choose to have your vehicle repaired wherever you wish. Once the insurance company has inspected the vehicle, or had the extent of the damage confirmed and they are happy to authorise repairs it is all systems go. You don't have to get three quotes, and you can have your vehicle repaired by trustworthy organisation.

A lot of insurance policies allow for a courtesy car and this is generally what is called a "class A" vehicle. In other words a small car. Think two door Corsa or similar and you're on the right track.

If the accident was not your fault and the insurance companies agree on this and you have a larger vehicle which is central to your needs you may be able to argue for a larger replacement vehicle. For example if you have a people carrier because you have a number of children then you can argue for a larger vehicle via your own insurance company to the other party's insurer. Equally, if you have a prestige car which is important to your business then you could mount a similar argument to replace "like with like".

If you do not have the option on your policy, or through a third-party policy to get a replacement vehicle that is an altogether different matter. The repairer will need to drive the whole process of getting your car repaired. At DJ Auto Body Repairs Manchester we can ensure that this is done on your behalf once you have given us the mandate to do so. This in turn means that we can get the necessary parts and workshop space in good time so that your vehicle is repaired to our usual exacting standards, within the shortest period feasible. Our experience means that we can not only give full accounts of damage, and accurate quotations, but that we also understand the critical stages and how long the process will take from end to end.

One of your foremost interest is likely to be preserving both the value and the safety integrity of your vehicle.

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Why Choose DJ Auto Body Repairs?


THE RIGHT TECHNICIANS – Our car body repair technicians are highly trained to use our unique high-tech repair tools and techniques and the continuous training never ends!

THE RIGHT TOOLS - We know which sophisticated sanding tools and paint methods work. We equip all our vans with high-tech tools so we are able to complete car dent removal, scratch repair services and paint applications, in our auto repair shop located in Denton Manchester

THE RIGHT PAINT APPLICATION - Our skilled technicians offer three different paint systems to accommodate every type of auto body repair situation - single stage, basecoat-clear coat or tri-coat.

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