Car scratches don’t just make you car look ugly, but they also lower the resale value meaning that you could possibly lose out when you come to sell the vehicle. If the scratches are left untreated, your cars paint work could lead to corrosion setting in and this would eat its way through the metal underneath “good paint” making it bubble and even more unsightly.

quality-body-repairsThere is a simple solution! Visit DJ Auto Body Repairs in Denton, Manchester. You will get a polite assessment of the job and if you choose to progress, the job done extremely well. An experienced car paintwork technician, fully trained and qualified will carry out the treatment. Our Repair Technicians will complete the job fast but efficiently and probably much more cheaply than any other way.

Car Scratch Repairs is a job left for the professionals and our experts will sort your scratch repair no matter the extent.

How do we remove car scratches?

  • Our car scratch repair technicians are professionally trained and seek to complete every car scratch removal to the highest possible standards.
  • Our scratch repair service can also help to protect your vehicle from further damage setting in like corrosion, or paint chipping.
  • Our car scratch technician will professionally assess the scratch, and match the paintwork to the manufacturers’ original specification as we provide paint matching repairs as standard. You’ll never know your car was scratched as we will make it look like new!

    Why should you use us for your car scratch removal? 

We’re professionally qualified.

We’re fast and efficient.

We’re local to the Manchester area.

Repairs are carried out to a professional and extremely high standard.

We are absolutely determined to provide the best possible repair service in Manchester.



For a fast and competitive quote please use your mobile phone / digital camera to take a photo of your vehicles damage and then simply upload this using the online quote form. Alternatively you can give us a call on 07999 909 404 to speak with us direct. We're always happy to advise and listen to your requirements and requests.

We are local to the Manchester area and endeavor to provide the highest possible service and repair.

DJ Auto Body Repairs are a Manchester based garage. We can provide a wide range of services including minor to extensive bodywork damage i.e. scratches, scuffs, chips & paint defects. All our staff are fully trained and have all the necessary professional tools to deal with your car scratch repairs and dent repairs to the highest car bodyshop standards.